Sandpaper Hair Removal


Maybe you’ve seen the ads on TV for these new miraculous hair removal system. It advertises that it is pain free, no mess, no chemicals, and a simple way to rid yourself of unwanted body hair. You simply rub this thing on your leg (or other desired body part) and the hair amazingly disappears. Maybe you haven’t seen them, but now you’ve heard.

Well, it’s all lies. It is not pain free, and the hair doesn’t disappear. I equate it to rubbing your leg with sandpaper to remove the hair. Sure, it sorta kinda works, but sandpaper on skin HURTS! The type I got was “Velvet Touch Natural Hair remover mitten…. gently removes hair, instantly and easily. No mess, no chemicals.”

So I pull one of these little “mittens” out to discover that it’s really just VERY fine sandpaper, colored, and “infused with the soft scent of cucumber and melon, and it is also coated with Aloe Vera”. I didn’t smell any “soft scents” while using it, and the coating of Aloe Vera only made it very very dusty while removing the hair. I was almost afraid to breathe in there was so much powder flying through the air. The one plus side of rubbing my leg with sandpaper, was that it probably removed some of the dead skin, so while all the hair is patchy and not gone, it is smoother. (yaaaaay.) The first time I used it last night, I just did one little patch, as I just wanted to see if it actually worked. It really did on that one little patch, I was quite impressed. Then today I decided to finish off the rest of my leg, and boy howdy did that hurt!!! I had to rub my leg, spot by spot all over for  about 15 minutes before I decided that it was good enough… meaning it was getting to painful to finish and there wasn’t as much hair as there was before. My legs were super hairy, so I figured a little left over is at least an improvement. Then I grabbed a wet cloth to wipe all the dust off my leg (as sandpaper inevitably creates dust!) and YEOWCH!!!!! It stung soooooo bad. It is still stinging, and this was about 20 minutes ago. I have little red bumps and total skin irritation. What was I thinking?? Did I not realize that RUBBING MY LEG WITH SANDPAPER would cause skin irritation and PAIN?! I feel like a total idiot. Plus now I’m scared to shave that leg, because I’m afraid that rubbing a blade against irritated red bumpy skin will hurt even worse. So now I have to wait. I took some pictures so you could see my “results”…

In other news, I applied for a part time events job (we’re having some major city events coming up) doing market research. I landed an interview! And the best part is that it pays TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS AN HOUR!!! I have been looking for part time jobs to work maybe 2 evenings a week and weekends, but a temporary job like this would be PERFECT. I really REALLY hope I get it, it would be SO awesome! Please be praying that I get it!!

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  1. I found your blog entry by searching for this product because I bought it today and to my dismay it did not work AT ALL. And I have very fine hair, so, it’s not because my hair is too coarse. I’m still left with hair, and very painful red skin now!😦

  2. Hiya, I stumbled upon your site, and I just wanted to comment with a differing opinion.

    I’ve been using 600-800 grit wet use sandpaper on my legs for years now, and it works really well for me. It doesn’t and shouldn’t hurt. I don’t know what that product is, though, so I can’t attest to the quality of that. When I do it, it doesn’t take very long, nor much effort for it to get rid of the hair. You shouldn’t need to rub very much at all, and if you are rubbing a lot, that’s probably why the irritation is occurring.

    Sandpaper is abrasive, but no more so than running a blade up and down your leg repeatedly. I have very sensitive skin, and for me, the sandpaper is less irritating than shaving, and I get less dark shadow– which is the main reason I prefer it. I would recommend just regular hardware store wet use sandpaper though, much cheaper and exactly the same result. But it could be that friction based hair removal just isn’t suited to your skin type.

    • Hi Dee,

      Could you provide more information on the sandpaper method? Do you use it wet or dry, in the shower or not, what sort of base do you use to rub it, how long does it take you to do one leg, etc.? I know you wrote your post a year ago so I hope you will see this!

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  4. I personally tried both this and the Smooth Away brand. While I agree that Velvet Touch did not work at all – and I still have the sandpaper burn to prove it – the Smooth Away stuff did actually work, and didn’t hurt. It’s way more expensive but I do recommend it.

  5. Hi gals,

    I have been plagued by facial hair for so long and have tried creams, electrolysis which left a black marks on my skin, waxing etc until I found this amazing little tool called Epicare. It is just a lil spring with handles on either side. I love, love, love it. It is so affordable compared to laser where there is still no guarantee that facial hair will be totally gone. For gals who are used to threading this is the perfect D.I.Y. tool. Got mine at I have been using mine for 8 months now. Hope this info is useful for everyone.


  6. owww! i rubbed my legs with sandpaper today (no shaving cream or anything!) because i thought it would get rid of dead skin and get rid of tiny hairs. well at first my legs felt really smooth but now tonight my legs are red and scratched it looks like i’ve been scratched by my cat. I was afraid to tell mum so now i have to wear jeans but help!! i have sensitive skin will i have huge long ugly scars up and down my legs? how will i get rid of the scratches or even scars!! D:

    • dont should be fine within few days and scars fade away with time and eventually disappear.but it takes some weeks.i did the same as u.i got burns n scratches and how much that hurt i cnt even describe and i thoudht the scars will never leave my legs now n i hv to live with them but within few days they started to fade n within 2 weeks they were totally gone.

  7. Hi lady i was looking through the web calling this pads sandpaper because i dont know the proper name. I used to buy in The Body Shop London very effective good pads which are to find here in italy and mostly around the globe …the body shop is cutting off a lot of products if u have any more info please write me
    cheers have a nice day

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