Everything is easier on Pinterest


So I recently joined Pinterest, only to discover that everything looks shinier and prettier than in real life. I tried a hairstyle I found on there the other day that seemed relatively easy. Well, it wasn’t. And it didn’t look even half as good. In fact, I didn’t leave the house with it done that way. Then the other day I found this beautiful scarf project:

Pretty, right? The tutorial was SUPER easy and I can sew so I headed out to my local fabric store to grab the fabric I needed. I chose a solid black and a polka dot pattern. I was pretty sure it was going to be best ever. It isn’t. It was relatively easy to sew and follow the pattern, but I’m just not in love with the look of it. I found that it was too much material, and not long enough. So when I double loop it around my neck, it feels like it’s strangling me and there’s just too much bulk. So I’m going to take it all apart and make it more narrow, and possibly even do away with the braid (but I like it!) in order to make it longer. Here’s my finished project.

Today I saw something else I liked too. Go look at it here. I loved the idea so I made up my own cheap version:


I have tried a bazillion different kinds of chore charts. This one is most likely to make me very broke, but at least I could have some order in the chaos that is our home. I just put it up this afternoon when the kids got home from school and already I’m down over $3, but my living room is clean, there is no crumbs under my table, my dishwasher is unloaded, kids beds are made, some toys are cleaned up downstairs and the mirror in the kids bathroom is clean. So, win. We’ll see how long it lasts.

My latest project I am working on is this. I will post pictures when it is done!



The Baby has the strep throat that I’ve been fighting since Thanksgiving. I’ve had it twice, MyKidsDad has had it twice, Spunk has had it twice and the other two have escaped it all together. I think the antibiotics have finally kicked in for Baby because he has been HAPPY today! MyKidsDad told me that he was even fake laughing while I was with the other kids at swimming lessons. I think this is actually how he usually is, but since he’d been sick for so long before we realized he was sick we forgot that he is really just the world’s happiest baby. If you could promise me that the rest of my babies would be as happy and content and fun as he has been I would totally have more. Except for the whole being pregnant for 40 weeks part. So glad to be done with that.



Brotherly love


I’ve been blessed at this time in my life to have good relationships with both of my brothers. Growing up I was never close to them, being that they grew up before I did, 8 and 10 years my senior. My oldest brother and I fought a lot. He thought he was the boss being the oldest, and I hated more than anything to be bossed around because I was the youngest. In the last few years though, we seem to have bonded more than ever before, partly because he has become close with MyKidsDad and partly because he somehow managed to finally become human. But this post is not about him, that will be next week. Today this post is about my other brother, because it’s his 36th birthday, and I can’t get a hold of him. See, he’s a little different. He is a thinker, an intellectual if you will. He likes to analyze, study and understand stuff, especially the human condition. He lives by himself in the most adorable little house I found for him when I had too much time on my hands browsing MLS. We have been close-ish since I became an adult. He was around a little bit more than my oldest brother so I knew him a better. I love my brothers. And today, I wanted to wish him a happy birthday. But he decided to go away for the week without telling me (or anyone else that I know of) in advance that he was going. He further decided to not only turn off his phone, but also to turn off his voicemail so I can’t even leave him a birthday greeting message. My kids were sad to not get to sing their uncle his birthday song. I get it. He wanted some time away to relax for his bday, and that’s fine. He’s a grown man, he doesn’t have to get permission or inform anyone. I understand that makes him happy, and I’m ok with that. But we really just wanted to leave him a fun message. So I will leave it here instead. Happy Birthday big brother. I love you even though you make me angry sometimes. The kids say “happy birthday uncle Fuzzy”.



So apparently there is big uproar today on the internets over Michelle Duggar announcing her 20th pregnancy. I’ve watched their TV show on TLC now and then, and I don’t really understand what the big deal is. Their family appears to be working together like a well oiled machine. They are cleaner and more organized than I am and I only have 4 kids. Michelle and Jim-Bob seem to be very loving and caring parents, and I think it’s great that the kids are taught to contribute to the family. There are way too many kids in the western world that think they are entitled to whatever they want (see Occupy movement) and aren’t willing to work for it. I know that as soon as one of these children makes a choice to rebel and decides they are dissatisfied with their family circumstance the whole nation will cry “I told you so” and side with that child. But do we not all have a “black sheep” in our family? Why should their ls be any different. Sure, we don’t all love what we were born into, but many people do and are sincerely grateful for the life they were given and I believe these children have been taught that value of thankfulness and cooperation from the day they were born. I think it’s incredible what they’ve done with such a large family and what Michelle has sacrificed for the lives of all her children. I know from experience that love multiplies with more children, it does not divide and eventually run out. Unless you have multiple children you probably have a hard time conceptualizing that, I know I did before I had my 2nd child. So, I say good for them. And everyone else should but out, as a person’s family planning is their own business. Octo-Mom on the other hand…

Some woman is claiming Justin Bieber fathered her baby. I always wonder why people wait until later to make these kind of accusations. Her baby is already four months old. Personally, and from experience, when I was single and found myself pregnant I immediately went to the baby’s father to tell him. If it were true, why did she wait? I still haven’t decided in my mind if I think it’s true yet but I guess we’ll see.



I woke up this morning about 3am with a start, realizing that I forgot to post again yesterday. I realize that I am not going to win any NaBloPoMo awards, but that was never my intention anyways. I just wanted to be forced to post more often. Even though I’ve totally failed, I’m going to keep going anyways, just for me. And you. Because I know you are all paying such close attention.

Yesterday we left the house for church at 9:00am, and didn’t come home until about 7:45pm. Then I left about 15 mins later to go to my soccer game, and got home about 10pm. It was a long day. If there is any excuse, it’s that when I got home I showered and went to bed and completely forgot all about you, dear internets. We lost our soccer game…again. Last game we lost 8-0, this game we lost 6-0. Apparently we are unable to score. It’s extremely frustrating. But I’m just glad I have a reason to run and push myself. It’s great exercise. I don’t love running just for the sake of running. Going around the block makes me feel like a lost puppy just running aimlessly.

Goalies hate me.That’s me in 2007 being Best Goalie Screen Ever. Until I went to look for this picture I didn’t realize it has been FOUR years since I last played. I didn’t play in 2008 because I was pregnant with Spunk, I didn’t  play in 2009 because we were too busy (I was working p/t at a wedding dress store) and I didn’t play in 2010 because I was pregnant with Baby. I was thinking it had only been 2 years. I guess that explains why I’m so slow and out of shape and can’t seem to get my foot on the ball. Don’t be fooled by this picture of me all up in goalie’s grill. I don’t score. I have never been a goal scorer and I doubt I ever will be. I don’t remember the last season I scored a goal. I’ve definitely got some assists under my belt, but no goals. I’m better at making plays and making sure other people get their shots in. Although last night I had an awesome shot right on net but their goalie was able to fly across the crease to save it. We will remain scoreless in two games! Hopefully next week we win 8-0. Our goalie deserves a shut out after the last few games!!

Keep your comments to yourself.


Well, not YOU obviously. You can comment away. Because here on the internets, that’s the rules. When someone posts their thoughts, it’s open for input.

It seems though, that when I’m out and about with my kids, I am open for comments. Often I am unable to escape the mall or the grocery store without people asking me questions or commenting on my family. I am “only” 28 years old, with 4 kids. Apparently, people have never seen a young mother before, because they can’t seem to keep their mouths shut. The comment I get most is “What? You have 4 kids? You are too young to have 4 kids!” Some of the other gems have been “are these all yours?” and “you must be so busy!” I am not very confrontational so I usually just laugh and answer as politely as I can. Sure, it’s a nice compliment that I look young and all, but it does get really old really fast. What kind of response are people looking for when they tell me I’m “too young” to have 4 kids? Do they want me to tell them my age right then and there? I usually don’t, it’s none of their business. So instead, I just think of all kinds of things in my head that if I were brave and sassy and feisty that I would say instead.

1. Well I’m sorry to disappoint you. At what age would you suggest it’s appropriate for me to have 4 children?

2. How young do you think I am? I assure you I had them all as an adult.

3. God gave them to me, so I guess He didn’t think so. You’ll have to take that up with Him.

4. You’re right. Will you take them for me?

5. I KNOW!! AAAAAAAHHHHH!! HELP MEEEEE!!!! *start running around the store frantically waving my arms and yelling*

6. I’m 42. *stare at them intently expressionless*

Any other suggestions?

I’m a NaBloPoMo FAIL


So, I did one whole post a day late and then promptly forgot the very next day. Because I’m awesome like that. If I have any excuse it was because yesterday was my birthday and I was busy going to the doctor to enjoy my 2nd round of strep throat in the last month. Back to being barely able to swallow. Yaaaaay. Now today my job is to find the probiotics my doctor wants me to take. The drug stores don’t carry them. So I’ll be spending this morning phoning around to different health food stores hoping to track it down.
So… Am I forgiven for missing yesterday?

Shortest Post Ever


I decided today that I wanted to participate in National Blog Posting Month where you write a new post every day for the month of November. I didn’t know about it yesterday. So I just remembered at 11:23pm that I hadn’t posted yet today! Don’t expect this to be eloquent or long.
Guess what I’m cuddling with in bed right now? A user guide for my brand new Canon Rebel camera!!! I’m so freaking excited!! This is my first venture into DSLR photography, so I have a lot to learn. If you have any suggestions for books to read I’ll gladly take them!!
Also? It’s really cool that there’s is a WordPress app and I can write a quick little post with my iPhone. Going to have to figure out how to add photos though. Or maybe you can’t?
Either way, I’m going to go read my user guide! Happy Birthday to me!!


Oh! Look at that! I figured out how to add a picture. I’m so smart.

A Crash for Nothing


Trying to arrange 4 children to live in two bedrooms can prove to be more of a challenge than you might think, when 1 of said kids has HFA and another is a 6 month old. Currently we have Beauty and Spunk sharing a room, with Brain on his own (he needs his own space to retreat to) and Baby is still in our room in a playpen. Beauty is sleeping on a very high loft bed that we had originally bought for Brain with Spunk on a toddler bed below. It is time to sell the too tall loft bed and get regular bunk beds for the kids. Eventually, Spunk and Baby will share and Brain and Beauty will both have their own rooms. We are trying to finish the bedrooms in our basement so that Brain can move down there. So I was checking out the Ikea website and I found this:

bunkbedThe website said the store here had 3 in stock so I packed up all 4 kids and headed out for a fun trip to Ikea. Along the way, I was peacefully yielded on a right hand turn waiting for traffic to go by so it was safe to go when BLAMO! This happened: vanI have no idea what happened. The last time I had looked in the rear view there had been no one behind me! I felt really bad for the girl that did it. She was young and super upset that her mom was going to “kill her” even though her car and everything was all under her name. Weird. But she couldn’t stop crying. I just felt so bad. But now I have an extremely sore neck and shoulders, and Beauty is complaining of a sore neck too. Not cool. She goes tomorrow for a physio assessment and I go next week. Hopefully it’s nothing that a few massages can’t take care of.

The van however, is off to the body shop to be repaired/replaced. The tailgate will have to be replaced as well as the bumper, and the frame & trailer hitch put back in it’s proper place. The good news is that we have a wedding to go to about 3 hours away this weekend. The a/c in our van isn’t working properly and I was dreading the head of the trip. Now we have a shiny brand new a/c working rental van to take on our trip, along with being equipped with satellite radio!! So, good things can come out of bad accidents.

In other news, I’m absolutely in love with the new Grand Caravan rental I’m driving and I just might convince MyKidsDad that it’s time to trade in the hunk of junk Chrysler!

After all of that, I continued heading to Ikea, only to find out that the bunk bed I went for was not only not in stock, but they didn’t even have a display model (they sold it too!) and they haven’t had stock in months! A nasty letter to the Ikea website administrators is in order.

SideNote: A few weeks ago I was listening to the radio and the DJ was talking about the consumer reports’ 5 worst vehicles to buy: in the minivan section was my exact van: 2008 Chrysler Town and Country. He listed off about 5 different commonly reported problems, all of which we’ve had except one. He offered for anyone who has one of the vehicles on his list to call, so I did, and low and behold, he answered! So we talked for about 10 minutes about the thousands of dollars we’ve had to sink into a practically new vehicle (hence a/c not working and we haven’t fixed it yet) and offered me $100 for calling in! So I went down to the station to collect my crisp $100 bill and headed off to buy a new dress to wear to the wedding this weekend. Woohoo!